Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Lady's Birthday Week

What a glorious week for us! Homeschooling was a joy as always, but we had some extra special fun with Our Lady's Nativity and the impromptu science activity!
My Kindergartener asked about the wax melting after prayer time (watching candles is a favorite activity). I explained about how heat changes the wax into a liquid and when it cools off it is a solid. We talked about this and she decided to put a cup of water in the freezer (without asking). So this spun us into a learning day of freezing and thawing water. The kids really enjoyed this activity and putting the cup in the middle of the hot backyard was so fun for them.
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We also enjoyed a little lizard watching this week and the kids were especially enthralled with watching this lizard that decided to take his nap on our statue of the Blessed Mother. I captured a few fun pictures so the kids could remember this day. We also did some more wasp watching and I managed to get one on camera...don't know if you can see him well but he's there! Where's the wasp??? :)

My girl also decided to "teach" her stuffed animals math.
She pulled out these old fish beads and used them for a counting activity to teach her stuffed lamb how to count, add, and subtract. It was quite an adorable thing to watch. I'm certain all kindergarteners truly enjoy a day of pretending and acting out roles. My girl enjoyed her time as teacher!

Here they are hiding from daddy as he arrived home from work after our outdoor time. The kids love yelling surprise and running to hug him when he arrives!

It was a lovely week and I thoroughly enjoyed the impromptu fun we had together! The best part of homeschooling is the learning activities that the student takes the initiative on...I am amazed at how readily she finds her own learning activities!
Happy Birthday to Our Lady as well! We had donut cupcakes with buttercream icing. The large cupcake represents Our Lady with the moon under feet and the 12 icing stars represent her crown of 12 stars. Each cupcake has the Marian symbol and her color, blue. We sang the Hail Holy Queen after our school song and read a short bit about her birth and dedication during our Religion time.

I hope everyone had a blessed feast and a reflective Sept. 11th! May God abundantly bless you each day!

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