Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1 Day Left

Sooo tomorrow is not only Thanksgiving Day but also our due date! Baby is due to be born any minute now...if only someone would let him in on this fact! We are getting ready to host family for Thanksgiving since we can't travel due to my being 40 weeks pregnant. It should be fun!

We are super excited that we now have a doula to work with and anxious for labor to start on its own. If nothing happens by Wednesday the 28th the OB has decided to go ahead and induce. We are praying that we can avoid induction! I'm going to the chiropractor on Monday if nothing happens by then. There is a "go into labor" adjustment that will hopefully help him move down and to speak.

Please keep us in your prayers as our "birthing" day approaches! I'll post a 40 week picture tomorrow if he hangs out until then! :)

God Bless,

Thursday, November 08, 2007

38 weeks today

So I've made it to 38 weeks. I really can't believe it! I'm so thankful for all of the prayers we have received that have helped us get to this point! Of course now I am so very ready for this baby to be born! I keep hoping I'll go to sleep and wake up in labor! BUT nothing yet. Here is a picture of me today. I thought now that I'm so close to the end I should try and take pictures more regularly as this pregnancy is almost over. Plus sometimes from week to week at this point...the belly gets exponentially bigger by the day! You'll have to excuse the poor quality of the picture...our mirror hasn't been windexed in awhile and I'm not great with a camera!

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And here's a pic of E all bundled up! It's getting colder here! YAY!
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Monday, November 05, 2007


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E in her FSU dress! Go Noles! She did the chop for the first time this weekend!

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Eating, eyes closed!

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In her pumpkin bib!

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Our little giraffe drinking her "milk"...soymilk that is!

36 week picture

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Here is a picture of Evie at 36 weeks pregnant...rounded out ALL OVER!

Long time no post

Well the long and short of it is that after a stint without paychecks Mike was offered a job in another city. E celebrated her first birthday while we struggled from then until September with her eating and physical development she is now on track for a normal toddler! She started walking at 17 and a half months and is now saying several words: bye-bye, night-night, daddy, mama, more, and baby.

We are so happy that she is doing so well!

We found out that we were expecting #2 early this year and he (it's a boy!) is due in less than 3 weeks! I told you it had been a life has changed a lot in the past year!

This pregnancy has been rough! Preterm contractions at 25 weeks, partial bedrest for Evie from then on, more contractions at 32 weeks, fluid gushing at 34 and 36 weeks (which we thought was the water breaking) and now the inevitable wait for the end of the journey and the beginning of life with "two". We found out that all the loss of fluid may be caused by a weakness in the top of the amniotic sac causing slight tearing where fluid collects and then rushes out. Apparently this type of tear reheals easily and isn't an infection risk. It has been very confusing and frustrating. Well, in spite of the drama we are soooo very ready to meet our son.

Other than that Mike is working a 2nd job to help us catch up from last year's difficulties and is tired a lot from working upwards of 60-65 hours a week between working for the Dioceses and working evenings/weekends at Target. We are so blessed to have made it to this point and are excited for the upcoming Advent Season.

Many blessings!