Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lenten Preparations

I was so excited to get ready for Lent that all of my decorations went up by last night. I got lots of AMAZING ideas from the ladies at the 4real forums, and took some things I already had and added another wreath and some sandy inspirations. Into the desert we go! Here are some pictures:


This is something I've done variations of for all of our marriage, but this year (since we have toddlers) I decided to have all the large nails embedded into the grapevine wreath to prevent any possible injuries. I take my decor apart and reuse it for various seasons so when Lent ends this will become an Easter wreath with flowers. I really love this dark purple but couldn't find anymore of it this year! Oh well...I'll keep looking.

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This is a vase I filled part way with sand and then placed in a small grapevine wreath that has purple ribbon (not as dark a shade as I'd like) woven through it. I also added little twigs to be pulled out for "sacrifices" offered during Lent. Again this idea, the sticks in a wreath, I took from several of the 4Real ladies. They mentioned that it can also be done with a bread dough wreath and toothpicks. I thought about using a large grapevine wreath but lately my daughter climbs on the table and I thought this might be less of a temptation.

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These are decorative boxes that I like to change with the seasons. I used fake sticks in a vase with small stones. I enjoy using sticks, rocks, dirt, rice and such during Lent. I think the starkness of these decorations is a nice way to be reminded of the stripping away of sins and worldly attachments. The other box has a cloth with some red dye under another mini grapevine wreath. I know it's a little strange, but I like the color red as a reminder of the blood Christ shed on the cross. This is, for me, referencing the cloths used to take him down from the cross. The third box is not shown but generally I put a small crucifix and some purple ribbon. Unfortunately I have not been able to find my small crucifix yet so I may have to make a run to the Catholic bookstore for a new one!
I put purple ribbon on all of our religious statues and crosses/crucifixes. Again an idea I saw on 4Real. Oh how thankful I am to Maggie for showing me this forum!!!
This is a new addition to our kitchen! Now that we have a house I decided to add a wreath to the kitchen to fill a bare spot above the pantry. I'm glad to finally have a use for the swag I bought and never used! Yay!
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Finally here are my "homeschooling" items for Lent. We will be doing Holy Heroes Lenten Adventures as well as putting stickers on this calendar I made. This is our first year doing a Lenten calendar so I'm excited to see how she responds (she's 3 soon). Also I'm going to have her color and decorate this Alleluia card and we will hide it tonight. Then on Easter morning they can "hunt" for the Alleluia card as well as their Easter eggs.

The calendar has purple on all of the days of fasting/abstinence and yellow outlining on every Sunday during Lent. Then I did Good Friday in red and illustrated a few Lenten symbols. I think I'm looking forward to the day she makes her own calendar...I did this about 4 times before getting a version that met my high artistic standards...LOL!

Have a great Fat Tuesday! Let the Lenten adventure BEGIN!

In Jesus,


Paul & Cristina said...

I just sent you a link to a similar lenten journey chart. Of course, yours is much prettier!!! =)

Stacy @ Catholic Moms Helper said...

I love the wreath with the nails. I am going to be doing that! It will help keep us focused as the season goes on and everyone starts putting up Easter decorations.

littleones said...

I love all your decorating idea!! I've borrowed a few of them for our home! :) Thanks for linking to Catholic Icing so I could see your wonderful Blog! May you have a blessed Lent this year!

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

Love the idea to put the purple ribbon everywhere! I LOVE 4 Real Forum! :-)