Monday, January 12, 2009

Passionate Love

I'm currently reading Christopher West's book 'Heaven's Song'. I think it would make a good book study for a Catholic Women's group. I would LOVE to have time to sit and reflect on the questions at the end of each chapter, but sadly this morning was interrupted by my lovely children right as I began my "reflection time". The joys of motherhood! I know our Lord sees these struggles. I am passionately in Love with Him. Now I just need to work on showing it!! As Valentine's Day decorations will soon go up in our household (I finally convinced my hubby that they should be up the month before V-day and the week of...) my mind is on love and things passionate. I realized (while reading West's book) that this year for Valentine's Day I need to reignite that passion I have for serving God with the gifts He has graciously given to me. That, as a lover woos a beloved, I need to so abundantly shower our Lord with my Love. Sooo determining the little ways (St. Therese) I can do that and the ways He is (luckily) guiding me to shower Him is the part I am trying to figure out.

Also I'm reexamining my Heart Day decor...much of it is ridden with cheesiness and kitsch. Perhaps, in a little dream world, I will afford to upgrade to something more classy...but for now I think I just need to edit what I have and make it work! Perhaps I will just print a few of my favorite quotes and frame them...and on that note I have finally narrowed down the quotes I want to use this Lent for our banner (yet to be made) and a framed scripture for the wall.

They are...

“Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified their flesh with its passions and desires…” Galatians 5:24

AND the ever famous Isaiah 52:4-5 passage:

" was our infirmities that he bore, our sufferings that he endured, While we thought of him as stricken, as one smitten by God and afflicted.

But he was pierced for our offenses, crushed for our sins, Upon him was the chastisement that makes us whole, by his stripes we were healed."

There's a lot to this passage, but this is perhaps the most key part.

Today my goal is to live out this passionate love for my God who gave Himself for me to live. And to continue to live out gentleness in this new year.

All Glory to God!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Endings and Preparations

The Christmas Season is almost over and I'm a little sad that our poor, unwatered Christmas tree didn't make it to the end of the week. SIGH. I suppose I should be happy the giant beacon of lights, chokeable objects and temptation is out of the house and no longer calling to my two toddlers. Yet I find myself sad. Christmas isn't over yet! Christmas without a tree is a little sad. But, Praise the Lord it's not all about the tree...the presents...and the's just really about Jesus. I'm thanking him this Christmas for that special moment in time that has allowed us to make beautiful family memories over the years. After all, if Jesus hadn't been born in a stable, laid in a manger, and visited by angels, shepherds and wise men we wouldn't have a reason to celebrate this special time of year.

So we're coming to an ending in the Liturgical season, but my mind has already jumped to some upcoming anniversary (5 years on Saturday) steadily approaches...Valentine's day is almost here (I can't help but be a big sap when it comes to this romantic holiday...I'll find a way to incorporate Catholic stuff into it too!) and last and certainly not least...(drumroll please) LENT is soon upon us! Woot!

I must say that I'm uber excited to try out some stuff during Lent with my 2 year old (soon to be three year old). Hopefully some of it will stick in her little mind. This is the year of starting traditions and these ones seem most important. I read somewhere (forgive my forgetfulness) that there are no store displays for Lent, no presents to be reminders of the season...yet it is perhaps the most important time of year for us as Catholics. After all this is the time we return to Him who loves us more than life itself. "Return to me with all your heart"

So I'm seeking out ideas for Lenten "decor". I have a few things already (mostly home grown from trips to Michaels) and my list of must haves and must create(when able to afford) is as follows:

Alleluia Card (to hide as Lent begins...probably just have the kids color it and remake it every year)
Lenten/Easter Banner
Stations plaques/cards
Sorrowful mysteries wreath/hanging plaque
Crown of thorns wreath plaque

Faith wall plaque

Service wall plaque

Lenten journey map/calendar (either desert path or Lamb with cotton balls...thanks to all the 4real ladies for these ideas!)

I'm still madly searching for more Easter ideas. If anyone has any links or ideas PLEASE send them to me. I have a hard time finding religious Easter stuff that I like beyond the cross with the easter lily or the draped fabric. We don't do bunnies but I'd love a Resurrection Lamb somewhere...or maybe that should go on the Easter banner...hmmmm. Can you tell I'm brainstorming as I type? :)

We did Holy heroes, Advent Adventures ( during Advent and I'm also UBER-EXCITED for the Lenten Adventure! I think (at the very least) my oldest will get a sense of preparation for Easter. Hopefully it will be a special time for her! And for us all!

Praise God for His Church and these Holy Seasons!

Merry Christmas ;)