Saturday, November 28, 2009

L is for leaves

We did letters J, K, L, and M recently and here are my pictures from letter L week...L is for leaves and ladybugs.


We went for a nature walk (ha ha...suburban America nature walk...) and picked up leaves we found. We took them home and painted them. She wanted them to be blue. I love that she wanted them to be blue!

My little man wanted to paint leaves too and he did surprisingly well sitting still and not trying to paint himself!


We read a wonderful book about leaves changing colors and falling to the ground. It was a beautifully illustrated book and very well written.


She enjoyed singing London Bridge is Falling Down and playing being "locked up" as the song states. We also tried locking up little man but he did not enjoy it one bit!! Very cute! :)

All in all it was a fun week! I know we did some other things too, but I can't remember! I need to post the week of the lesson or I forget! Tomorrow her Advent lessons begin!

More about that soon...

Advent blessings!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Advent Planning 2009

I did it!!!!!

I've figured it out.

At first I was troubled and worried...anxious for no reason. So many things, so much to fit into one teeny, tiny season. So many things to buy with so little money to buy them along with poor library resources. Oh what a Martha am I! Soooo I've simplified. Of course this is still alot! BUT you should have seen what I was thinking before I simplified!!!

We are doing:

A)Holy Hereoes Advent Adventures/Jesse tree
B)"B is for Bethlehem" (using this book for all of Advent as a review for our letter of the week curriculum but using Advent based themes using only the letters we've learned.) I'll also use other books I have (Will You Bless Me?, What is Christmas, Christmas in the Manger) and check some out if available (Donkey's Dream, Merry Christmas Strega Nona, and others as available). We will read appropriate bible stories for the Joyful mysteries---1 per week.

Week 1:
Monday-A is for Advent, Angel, Annunciation
Wednesday-B is for Baby Jesus, Birth, Bells
Friday-C is for Christmas tree, candles
Saints: St. Nicholas, Immaculate Conception

Week 2:
Monday-D is for donkey, House of David, Juan Diego (Around his feast)
Wednesday-E is for eternal, excitement, Emmanuel
Friday-F is for flocks of sheep, Fiat, flowers (Our Lady's feast is near this)
Saints: St. Juan Diego, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Lucy

Week 3:
Monday-G is for Glory, Gifts/giving, gingerbread
Wednesday-H is for Heavenly host, Hail Mary, Holy Night
Friday-I is for Inn

Week 4:
Monday (21st)-J is for Jesus, jingle, joy
Tuesday (22nd)-K is for King, kneel, kindness
Wednesday (23rd)-L is of love, lambs
Thursday (24th)-M is for manger, Mother Mary, Messiah born to us
Friday (25th)-N is for nativity

C) Joyful mysteries lap book. I will use the coloring pages from Holy Heroes to make a simple lapbook with pictures she's colored and quotes from the Joyful Mysteries scriptures for her to have for prayers during Advent and beyond.

D) Evening prayers will include lighting Advent candles, singing O Come, O Come Emmanuel (changing the verses for the last days during the 7 "O's of Advent")and opening boxes marked for each day that we will hang on our Christmas tree. These will start with #1 at the bottom leading to the top where the star is placed. Journeying to the star just like the shepherds and wise men!

On Christmas morning we will place baby Jesus in the manger and sing "Rejoice Emmanuel is born to you..." and then turn on our Christmas tree for the first time! :)

So exciting to prepare for my favorite liturgical season!!!! More posts to come!